New Year Resolution: Improve your breakfast!

2016 is officially here and it is time to start the year fresh with some easy nutrition tips to help you cut calories at breakfast and make it easier to reach your nutrition goal.

Can’t live without your latte in the morning?  A grande size cafe mocha made with 2% milk contains about 260 calories. By ordering the tall size made with skim milk, and you can save around 100 calories. Another tip, always ask for your drinks without whipped cream – it saves you almost half a day’s worth of saturated fat.

Bagels have gotten bigger! A typical bagel with 2 oz of cream cheese adds up to about 530 calories. Instead have only half the bagel, with 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter with a fruit to balance it out, you’ll cut about 115 calories.

When dining out for breakfast be sure to order your toast dry. And if you are having scrambled eggs, ask for no butter and little oil.

These are three simple ways to cut out some extra calories without compromising flavour and volume. Give them a try!

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