Visual Food Log Project

I have been keeping a food journal for about 1.5 years now. Over this period of time, it has became a very powerful tool to help me keep track of what I eat and how I eat. Writing in the food journal every day has given me an opportunity to self-reflect on my eating habits and my food choices and that has truly made an impact in my journey in healthy eating.

I never thought about sharing my food journal with the blogosphere though, until recently, one of my readers suggested that I should post it as a real life example to demonstrate that embracing a healthy lifestyle can be very easy, fun and tasty!

So then I thought instead of just copying and pasting what I write in my food journal, I can make this project more interesting by taking photos of my food, so the readers can get a better sense of the portion sizes that I eat (and hopefully make it more captivating to read than just scrolling through a bunch of long paragraphs).

Hence, the Visual Food Log Project is born on A Nutritious Plate!

The mission: record everything that I eat and drink over the course of 7 days by taking photos.

The goal: offer some thoughts on how I make food choices and give the readers a better sense of my personal approach to healthy eating.

  • Day 1 – jam-packed with a ton of vegetables.
  • Day 2 – plenty of whole-grains options.
  • Day 3 – went out for sushi!
  • Day 4 – prime example of mindful eating and portion control.
  • Day 5 – cooked Jamaican cuisine at my World Cuisine Cooking class.
  • Day 6 – regular, typical day with a special sweet treat at the end.
  • Day 7 – a look at how I approached & enjoyed deep-fried Dim Sum.
  • Recap – self-reflection time!

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