What is a Registered Dietitian/Dietitian?

A R.D. is a health professional that can provide extensive knowledge on healthy eating. A registered Dietitian is trained to bring safe and reliable advice on food, diet, and nutrition issues that will benefit individuals.  They provide their services in hospitals, community based settings, health care facilities, foodservice companies, and private practices.

Registered Dietitians are your trusted experts that are well educated.
Educationally, a licensed R.D. requires having both a Bachelor of Science degree in Foods and Nutrition,
plus a one-year dietetic internship program or a nutrition master’s degree.
Law protects all the titles of “Registered Dietitian”, and “Dietitian”. Only those who have met national standards can use these titles. The letters R.D. are the legal designations for qualified Registered Dietitians of Canada. R.D.’s must take ongoing continuing education classes to maintain their license each year.
Additionally, in every province, practicing dietitians are regulated, ensuring that you are receiving safe
and ethical advice. A Registered Dietitian/Dietitian is the best professional consultant for any nutrition issue. Dietitians are also covered by most extended health plans. Why wait?! Call today to book your initial assessment so the Nutrition At Its Best Vancouver team can meet your nutritional goals!

Why Is Nutrition Important?

Nutrition plays an important role in growth and development, health promotion, disease prevention, and the treatment of illness.
According to Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating (download PDF 1.9MB):

Food provides the energy needed for our daily activities and eating well helps maintains one’s health.