Question of the Week: Soy

Today’s nutrition topic: soy

Soy beans contain protein, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, B Vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids and fibre.

It may be beneficial for promoting healthy heart and healthy bones and may help with menopause. The studies are inconclusive for post menopause but it may be a pro-estrogen so best to reduce the amount. There are no studies that show it causes infertility in men. Overall it is never best to overdo one nutrient so stick with the recommendations.

It is recommended to have three servings of milk and alternatives daily so so no more than three cups of soy milk a day.

Two to three servings of meat and alternatives a day is recommended. Therefore, it is best to have no more than three servings of tofu or soybeans per day.

As long as one is within the recommendations, they are not reaching a upper limit of amount of soy per day. But keep in mind that this is true for any nutrient.

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