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My background is Asian, so tofu is nothing foreign to me. However, tofu is still relatively new in the Western culture.


In recent years, tofu has received more attention and has been featured the media as an alternative to chicken, beef or other meats. Yet, not a lot of attention has been given to teach people how to use tofu. As a result, I find that even in Vancouver where ethnic cuisines are popping up everywhere and most people are open to trying new things, tofu is still rarely on someone’s must-try list, simply because they do not know how to handle it.


Today I came across an article in the New York Times by Mark Bittman (one of my favourite cookbook authors) in which he describes the versatility of tofu and how he personally incorporates it into his daily life. A very good read, highly recommend it!


For more inspirations on how to use tofu, here are a few of my suggestions:


Do you like tofu? How do you prepare it?

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